India & Singapore to strengthen defence cooperation
India commissions indigenously guided missile destroyer INS Kolkata
Indian Navy Passing Out Parade of Observer Course
India & Nepal to conduct Combined Training Exercise
Russian Dy PM ensures full support for BrahMos missile programme
India celebrates 68th Independence day
Southern Naval Command celebrates Independence Day
Presidential gallantry awards confered to Indian Armed Forces personnel
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Public Safety & Internal Security Asia 12 Aug 2014

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Night Vision 15-17 Sept UK

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Current Issue Articles

Operation Southern Indian Ocean

Naval Aviation
STRUGGLING ROTARY AND FIXED WING ON LIFE SUPPORT: Considering that the Indian Navy has a low inventory of both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts, the service has shown greater adaptability in using such aerial assets. Since the invention of the aircraft, aviation has become an intrinsic part of ... more

Cyber Security Solutions (Raytheon)

Cyber security Challenges
Cyber warfare being considered as a legitimate mode of attrition between nations, a new spectrum of operations have opened up with the full panoply of instruments President Barack Obama, in his presidential address spoke that “Our digital infrastructure will be treated as a strategic national ... more

Emerald Warrior 2012

Night Vision Devices
Indian Army’s night blindness is legendary, while successive chiefs of army staffs highlighting the absence of adequate night vision devices (NVDs) in large numbers. But situation has only changed a little. Night vision devices occupy an important space in providing all weather, day and night ... more

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GSA 550


GSAT  7 communication supported Indian Naval feets during TROPEX 2014

Evolution Of Milsatcom In India
The nations of the world are concentrating on nuclear, space and information domain for developing comprehensive combat power and Space has emerged as the new strategic ground for positioning assets like satellites and space stations for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and ... more


Frigates, Offshore Patrol Vessels And Corvettes
Frigates, Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) and Corvettes constitute the workhorses of medium sized navies like the Indian Navy (IN). While frigates have always been important elements of fleet formations and infact constitute the major frontline surface element of many smaller ocean going navies, ... more

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CBRN: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Although chemical weapons are banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention, their use by nation states have not been uncommon- recent examples being the use of such weapons by Iraq under Sadam Hussain in Kurdistan and in Syria recently G Balachandran CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and ... more

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Defense & Security Thailand Nov 2015

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