TEJAS achieved yet another accomplishment
Lockheed Martin acquires commercial flight training company
The 50th anniversary of the Mi-10’s record-setting load-carrying capacity
First Australian pilot to undertake F-35A Lightning II training
IAI establishes an organization to oversee all its  civil aviation activities
First Airbus A400M airlifter for Malaysia rolled out of paintshop
Chief of the Air Staff inspects Air Force establishments near Chennai
Lockheed Martin leaders visit  Tata-Lockheed Martin aero-structures facility
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AMR Armada DSI

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IMDEX 2015

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IMDS 2015

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Current Issue Articles

Blue Devil

Transport and Special Operations Aircraft
The 9/11 attacks on World Trade Centre and the 26/11 Mumbai attacks have brought terror to our homes and place of work. India continues to be one of the most threatened regions of the world and facing serious boundary disputes with the two nuclear armed neighbours, special operations remain the ... more


Fourth Generation Warfare: Equipping The Army
Fourth Generation Warfare is a decentralised form of warfare, where nation-states lose their monopoly over violence and the adversaries are driven to non-conventional warfare and blurs the dividing line between civvies and the combatants Anil Chait “4GW is not new but return to warfare before ... more

mig 29

Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap reflects not just what is needed, but also what is getting degraded, thus giving suggestions what needs to be acquired.   Sumit Mukerji   The massive IL-76 heavy lift transporter followed by the IL-78 Flight Refuelling Aircraft (FRA) and a ... more

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GSA 550


Operation Southern Indian Ocean

Naval Aviation
STRUGGLING ROTARY AND FIXED WING ON LIFE SUPPORT: Considering that the Indian Navy has a low inventory of both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts, the service has shown greater adaptability in using such aerial assets. Since the invention of the aircraft, aviation has become an intrinsic part of ... more

Cyber Security Solutions (Raytheon)

Cyber security Challenges
Cyber warfare being considered as a legitimate mode of attrition between nations, a new spectrum of operations have opened up with the full panoply of instruments President Barack Obama, in his presidential address spoke that “Our digital infrastructure will be treated as a strategic national ... more

Emerald Warrior 2012

Night Vision Devices
Indian Army’s night blindness is legendary, while successive chiefs of army staffs highlighting the absence of adequate night vision devices (NVDs) in large numbers. But situation has only changed a little. Night vision devices occupy an important space in providing all weather, day and night ... more

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UDT 2015

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Defense & Security Thailand Nov 2015

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