India chooses Russian Helicopters’ Ka-226T
Indian Navy commissions berthing facility for Fast Interceptor Crafts
Corporate Espionage threat to the Indian business community
Indonesian naval ship visits Kochi, India
Mi-26T heavy lift helicopter completes unique transport mission
DuPont T KevlarR committed to defense industry in India
Nepal Earthquake: India steps up effort providing essential relief mateial
India’s largest Sail Training ship departs for international racing events
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AMR Armada DSI

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IMDS 2015

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DSEI (15-18 September 2015)

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APHS 2015

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Combat Aircraft Development: Where does India stand today? India’s desire for a combat aircraft capability was hindered by technology denial regimes, time and cost over-runs   M Matheswaran   Ever since the dawn of aviation in 1903, all major nations aspired to design and manufacture ... more


Special Forces
Special Forces In India: Bloated but Bereft  Special Forces in India have had huge accretion in numbers but have remained deprived in terms of airlift and firepower Rahul Bedi India’s manpower intensive Special Forces (SF), which continue to operate without a specific operational mandate, ... more

Enduring Freedom

Precision Guided Munitions: ‘Smart Bombs’  need ‘Smart decisions’ PGMs changed the shape of battle in the late-20th century with the US virtually winning the war in Persian Gulf with just a few KIAs Anil  Chait Impact of technology on the battlefield has been dramatic. Air Marshal Anil Trikha ... more

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UDT 2015


Operation Southern Indian Ocean

Naval Aviation
STRUGGLING ROTARY AND FIXED WING ON LIFE SUPPORT: Considering that the Indian Navy has a low inventory of both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts, the service has shown greater adaptability in using such aerial assets. Since the invention of the aircraft, aviation has become an intrinsic part of ... more

Cyber Security Solutions (Raytheon)

Cyber security Challenges
Cyber warfare being considered as a legitimate mode of attrition between nations, a new spectrum of operations have opened up with the full panoply of instruments President Barack Obama, in his presidential address spoke that “Our digital infrastructure will be treated as a strategic national ... more

Emerald Warrior 2012

Night Vision Devices
Indian Army’s night blindness is legendary, while successive chiefs of army staffs highlighting the absence of adequate night vision devices (NVDs) in large numbers. But situation has only changed a little. Night vision devices occupy an important space in providing all weather, day and night ... more

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Defense & Security Thailand Nov 2015

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